Who we are

COMLOG Gesellschaft für Logistik mbH is a joint venture between MBDA Deutschland and Raytheon. It was founded to provide unparalleled logistics support of PATRIOT missiles in Europe. Each company holds a 50 percent share in the joint venture. The company’s primary field of activity is the logistic support of PATRIOT MIM-104 missiles with the aim of maintaining operational capability. Since its founding, COMLOG has maintained more than 5,000 MIM-104 missiles, including all variants, at the PATRIOT Missile Facility 3 (PMF-3), located in Schrobenhausen, Germany.
With the addition of the award of a GEM-T New Build contract in December 2023, COMLOG establishes new capability and enhances capacity to integrate new GEM-T Missile Rounds (MRs) at the COMLOG facility in Germany to meet the large-scale missile demand for Europe.
COMLOG’s prime customer is the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), which operates on behalf of the European PATRIOT user countries and the US Army.

PATRIOT missiles (MIM-104) evolved over time from the standard configuration to the most recent and advanced MIM-104E configuration, known as GEM-T (Guidance Enhanced Missile – Tactical).